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Super 8 video is so dreamy and nostalgic, truly standing the test of time. You will receive a highlight film of your day that can be treasured for generations, set to music that is meaningful to you. 


All video is shot on original Super 8 cameras and film. First created in the 1970's, Super 8 was designed to enable people to capture home movies, something you might remember your Grandparents doing. The vintage video format truthfully captures the atmosphere of your day and the colours of Super 8 are simply out of this world. 

If you choose to add Super 8 to your package we can chat through which parts of your day you would like captured. You can also choose whether you would like your film in colour, black and white, or a mixture of the two. All Super 8 packages include the film, processing, development, digitisation and colour grading of your video. Your video will be available to download in 4k from a private, password protected online gallery. 

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